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Welcome to our Fourth MIP Conference.

This is a special unique Three Day Psychotherapy Conference.

The Keynote Speakers are Dr. Margot Sunderland who will be presenting her keynote speech on Friday morning, Assoc. Prof. Gregor Zvelc who will be presenting his keynote speech on Saturday morning, and Dr. Jonathan Lloyd who will be presenting his keynote speech on Sunday morning.

The major theme of the conference is focussed on the journey from “Childhood to Adulthood”  from a developmental focus.

To that end, there will be over 25 Workshops throughout the 3 days with this theme in mind.

On the Friday evening there will be a Social Evening where there will be singers and a band and opportunity for others to present their unique talents.

On the Saturday evening there will be a Gala Banquet and a wonderful time for us to get together, not only to enjoy the delicious meal but to celebrate the conference in its entirety and spirit.

The conference will come to its completion and the Plenary will be at 5.00 pm on Sunday evening.  

Chancellors Hotel, Chancellors Way, Moseley Road, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6NN
The Venue